DON R. MILLER, Consulting Geologist

WELCOME, thanks for stopping by!


This site is to inform you about my geologic expertise.  I will forego the claims about my honesty, integrity, experience, ethics, and competency, etc., that I see on other professional’s websites.  One cannot arbitrarily claim good character or integrity.  One has to earn it.  Moreover, the designation must come from one's peers, competitors, and clients.


Therefore, if you want to know if I have those desirable traits you will have to ask around.  I am sure you will get some interesting comments.  My record will speak for itself.  It is all about reputation and a record of doing what the client needs.


That said, what I will present here is information on those areas of geologic expertise that will allow me to benefit your company and staff.  There is no bell-ringing here on my behalf, simply a list of what I have experience doing multiple times in five decades.


I hope you discover some NEW things that you can do relative to an environmental project, a construction problem, or some equity interest you have or want in a natural resource.  I can show you some areas where you should be conferring with your geologist and not some other professional.  I have always worked under the premise that some problems only have a geologic solution.


Geologic thinking is much different from the linear thinking exhibited by many other technical professionals.  I think the reason geologists are not consulted more frequently has to do with our failure to market our skills.  I want to change that.


Geologic Map of Tennessee